Mustang Exterior
Cougar Exterior

Exterior Components
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Pin Stripes


Pin Stripes - All Cougar Models

All 71 Cougars have a triple pin stripe approx 1/2 inch above the lower body contour.  Note the stripes End apporx 1/4 - 1/2 inch away from the ends of the body panels. Stripe dimensions are 1/8 inch stripe 1/8 inch space 3/16 inch stripe 1/8 inch space 1/8 inch stripe.

Cougar Trunk Emblems
The photos below show the correct emblem and placement for all Cougar and Models.


Cougar XR7

cougarback.jpg (44706 bytes)     emblemstrunk.jpg (78995 bytes)

Cougar/Cougar GT trunk emblems

Cougar Hoods

scoop.jpg (68656 bytes)       hoodscoop1.jpg (4756 bytes)           

Cougar Hood Scoop

This hood scoop was used on all '71-72 Cougar GT's, '71 non-Cougar GT's and Cougar XR7's equipped with the J Code Engine. Hood scoop and engineering number are shown at right.

Mercury emblem on hood

C Code Cougar/Cougar XR7 Hood

Section below under construction

Front License Plate bracket

Cougar front valence

Front bumper guards


Cougar Sport Mirrors - Drivers Side standard on XR7

Cougar Standard door mirror

XR7 Grill Badge

Cougar/Cougar GT Grill Medallion



XR7 Exterior C Pillar Badge

Cougar Exhaust Tips

Exterior Molding


Cougar/Cougar GT

Drip rail moldings and C-pillar Molding



XR7 Drip rail moldings and C-pillar Molding,  and belt moldings


Rocker Molding XR7 / Decore Group