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Exterior Components
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Rear Spoiler

The rear spoiler was a factory option available on the Mach 1, Boss 351 and Sports roof. A low-gloss textured black paint was used on it from the factory. The diagram below shows the spoiler installation.

By the way, if you are adding a rear spoiler to your to a non spoiler decklid, you will need to change the torsion rods, otherwise, the extra weight of the spoiler will keep your decklid from staying propped open when the trunk is open.
There are two different torsion rods (aka springs) for the Mustang SportsRoof. The ones without spoiler are (D1ZZ-6344890-A and D1ZZ-6344891-A). The for use with a spoiler are (D1ZZ-66344890-B and D1ZZ-6344891-B).

Rear Spoiler Installation Location

If you want to install a rear spoiler on your 71 Mustang decklid, below are measurements taken on a decklid with a factory spoiler installation. Measurements of the location of the factory holes are shown in the photo at left and center left. The holes are centered 6 1/4" inboard of the decklid side edge on both sides. The fore & aft dimensions are as shown below and apply to mounting pedestals on both sides.


Pictures of hole locations on underside of Decklid


A note about the Correct Front/Rear Edge Orientation of the Spoiler

Some 71 - 73 Mustang owners have no idea that they have their spoilers installed backwards. As shown in the diagram above, the spoiler leading (front) edge is the thicker side while the trailing (rear edge) should be the thinner portion of the spoiler. When the spoiler is on correctly, the trimmed off edge (noted by red line in photo below left) will be at the rear. Check yours out!



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Front Spoiler

The front spoiler was standard only on the Boss 351 in 1971 and could not be ordered from the factory on any other 71 Mustang. However, many were installed at the dealer and by the customer. The spoiler was either black or argent to match the stripes.


Grill and Components

Mach 1 Grill

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The Mach 1 grill the sport lamps (D1ZZ-13200-B), running horse grill ornament (D1ZZ-8213-B) and grill part number are shown above.


Standard Grill




Sport Lamps

 foglamp5.jpg (69509 bytes)      chromelamp2.jpg (44282 bytes)      chromeLamp1.jpg (24269 bytes)  

The Sport Lamps came as part of the Mach 1 grill. They only came on when the headlights were turned on (not with the parking lights). The lamp shown above left with the argent finished housing was the most common version used from September '70 on. However, a chromed version (above center and right) was also used on very early built cars (in August '70). 

Sport Lamp Bulb Sockets

Two different bulb sockets were used on the 71 Mustang. Production started with the metal socket (bottom in photo), then switched over at a date TBD to the plastic version shown at top.


According to Bob Perkins (Mustang Monthly, June 05), the most correct factory headlamp for the 71 Mustang (Dearborn-built) is the "Tung-Sol" brand. The only identification on the front of the lamp is the letters "T.S." at the bottom center. This is the only brand of headlamp Bob has seen on a '71 Dearborn-built Mustang. The big three headlamp suppliers to Ford during the '65 - '73 era were G.E., Westinghouse and Tung-Sol. All three date coded their headlamps on the backside, top center, along with the industry number for that type of lamp.

Parking Light/Turn Signal Lenses

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Rear Tail Light Panel

The Mach 1 used the black honeycomb fascia on the rear panel with a chrome trim strip on the upper and lower edge. The sheet metal of the rear panel is shown at right along with '71 Mustang tail lights.



Front Bumper

The 71 Mach 1 came with the urethane front bumper. This was referred to as the "color-keyed spoiler bumper"   on the car's Invoice and Window sticker. This did not mean the car came with a front Spoiler - this was just Ford's wording for the Urethane bumper as shown above left.

All other models of the 71 Mustang came with a chrome front bumper, as shown above right with the exception of the '71 "Spring Special", which was a Hardtop that could be ordered with the Mach 1 urethane bumper and Mach 1 honeycomb grill.

Starting in `72, the Mach 1 honeycomb grill and urethane bumper became part of the Mustang's "Decor Group" option and could be ordered on the Hardtop and Convertible models of the 72 Mustang.



Side Body Moldings

The diagrams above from the MPC show details and fasteners used on 71 Mustang side body moldings.



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Hood Latch Support

The 71 Mustang used two different hood latch supports. The version at left and center, with two vertical supports, was used until the May/June '71 timeframe (exact changeover date note yet determined), at which point the design changed to the single support version shown at right. 


Front Fender Plugs

These plugs were used to plug the openings between the front fender and the headlight bucket area to block road splash. A view of these plugs installed is shown at right.

quarterdrain.jpg (5107 bytes)        

Quarter Panel Drain Plug

A quarter panel drain plug was used from 65-73. The purpose of this plug was to allow any water that might accumulate in the trunk to drain out. Also, the plug was designed to prevent ingression of water from wheel well splash. The photo below left is of the 71 style quarter panel showing the little square hole in the sheet metal which helped to hold the 71 plug in place. The 72-73 style used a round hole for the rubber grommet to snap into.  Where else but the 429 Megasite could you learn details like this ;-)

71 Style with square grommet snap-in hole

72/73 Style with round grommet snap-in hole

                     Below are installed views of the drain plug

        quarterpaneldraininstalled.jpg (31488 bytes)

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Trunk Dimples

The dimples (circled in red) were only found on '71 Mustangs built through 12/70.

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NASA Hoods

All 429 Mustangs, be it Sportsroof, Hardtop, Convertible, Grande or a Mach 1 received a NASA scooped hood. 

All J-code (ram Air) versions got the vacuum actuated flappers in the scoops and chrome hood pins. If the car was a Mach 1, it also received the blackout hood treatment (or Argent if a dark colored car).

All C-code (non ram air) cars received a non-functional body color NASA scooped hood. The scoops were non functional on the C code and were blocked with honeycombed blockoffs as shown in the photo below left.

hoodblock.jpg (46145 bytes)     NASAhood1.jpg (100186 bytes)     NASAhood2.jpg (129450 bytes)

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Hood Hinge/Spring

Two different hood hinge springs were used on the 71 Mustang hood. For use with the heavier NASA type hood, a special stronger spring with flattened coils was used (shown at left in the photo at left and alone in photo at right). For all other hoods, a lighter duty coil spring was used with round-cross section coils (shown on the right in the photo at left). 

An additional photo is shown below with a side-by-side comparison of the two springs;

hoodpin.jpg (43644 bytes)     hoodpinbrackets.jpg (71410 bytes)     hoodpinbracket7.jpg (80680 bytes)    

Hood Pins

Chrome Hood Pins came only on cars ordered with Ram Air. The hood pin brackets (center left and right) mounted to the radiator support. The pins were retained in the hood by the bracket shown at right.

washerbottle.jpg (23688 bytes)      washers.jpg (16927 bytes)         

Windshield Washer

The washer bottle, pump and nozzles (which bolted to the underside of the hood near the windshield) are shown above left and center. The nozzle installation and washer tube routing is shown right and right center. 

windowclips.jpg (46420 bytes)

Window Alignment Clips

Note the two clips on front roof post weather strip molding. One clip is on the outside and the second clip is about 2-3 inches below that, on the inside. Some time in '71, it changed to just the one outside clip and remained that way through 1973.

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Bumper Guards

There were two different styles of front guards used on the front chrome bumper - a high series guard (shown left and center) and a low series guard (right). The high series extended above and below the bumper while the low series guard only went below the bumper. There also was a high series version used on the back bumper (photo below). 

BumperGuardinstalled.jpg (68565 bytes)

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License Plate Bulb Shield

A black plastic shield (part number D1ZB-13608-AC) was used around the license plate bulb to protect it from the elements and possibly fuel spillage. In the picture above left,  if you look close you can see a dark area between the bumper and the rear body. That is the shield from the top. The picture at center shows the shield from under the bumper. Individual shots of this part are shown below.

plateshield1.jpg (49120 bytes)    plateshield2.jpg (53137 bytes)    plateshield3.jpg (55962 bytes)      


tips3.jpg (18162 bytes)   valencecomparison.jpg (50077 bytes)


The photo at left shows an installation shot of the chrome exhaust tips used on the rear of the Mach 1 with the special rear valence with cutouts. The photo at right compares an original valence to a repro.

Underhood Lamp


fenderseals.jpg (17304 bytes)     

Front Fender Filler Ends

These black plastic fender seals were used on the ends of the fenders near the windshield post. These seals were only used on cars built before 6/1/71, so most 71's should have them. Strangely, we have found two different designs for these parts. Side by side comparison shown above right.

headlightbucket.jpg (19418 bytes)

Headlight Bucket

headlightring1.jpg (32876 bytes)     headlightring2.jpg (18485 bytes)

Headlight Trim Rings

The D1ZB-AB was used on the passenger side (RH) and the D1ZB-BA was used on the drivers side (LH).

7273decklid.jpg (19736 bytes)            decklid71TypeA.jpg (12424 bytes)

Differences Between '71 and '72 Deck lids

Although the 71 and 72 Mustangs appear identical, there are some differences. One of them is the deck lid. Starting on 3/1/72, the 1972  deck lid part number changed from D1ZZ to D2ZZ. With this change, a slot for an exposed and pop riveted lock cylinder retaining clip was added as shown by the red arrow in the photo (left). The 71 deck lid (right) does not have this slot. It has the lock cylinder retaining clip inside the deck lid sheet metal structure. It is thought that the 71 design, which required the assembly line worker to put his hand inside the metal frame work of the deck lid to install the lock cylinder retaining clip, posed an accessibility problem and possibly a safety issue (sharp metal edges). These issues may have lead to the design change in 72 with the much easier and safer slot for external installation of the retaining clip.

Note that 72 Mustangs built prior to 3/1/72 used the D1ZZ 71 decklid.


71 Mustang Door Handles

When buying new door handles for your Mustang, note the difference between the Mustang version and the *very* similar Ford/Lincoln version. Note that the Mustang version has a rounded edge on the part of the handle you lift up while the Ford/Lincoln version has a squared edge as shown in the photos above. Also, look for the D1 part number on the back for Mustang and the E0 number for Ford/Lincoln.

antenna2.jpg (25121 bytes)

Telescoping Antenna

The part number for the 71 - 72 antenna is D1ZZ-18813-A., which is a telescoping design. Note the '73 version (part number D3ZZ-18813-A is different. It is a non-telescoping design.

Rear Mount Antenna

Some owners with rear mount antennas have asked us whether or not this could have been a factory installation. Mr. F, of FoMoCo.com provided the following info on this subject;
Does anybody out there know the proper location of the radio antenna for a 1971 Mach 1

Ford's assembly documents, promotional photos, etc. are unambiguous in showing the R/H fender as the only "factory" location.  And even the dealer's radio installation kit comes with identical instructions, including a 1:1 template for drilling.

However, it should be pointed out that it was possible to order a Mustang sans radio.  This also meant "less antenna" and - in at least some model years - the antenna location was not predrilled.  In theory, then, the owner of said car was free to have an antenna mounted wherever (and whenever) he desired.   :-)
Mr F





Bruce O'Connor's 429 CJ Mach 1