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Thanks to Dan Davis for providing this procedure.

Valve Lash Made Easy

I was helping a friend lash his Mopar engine and I noticed that Mopar Performance had a decal outlining an easy way to do valve lash. I took that idea and made a chart for use in our cars. It will work for hydraulic or solid cams and reduces cranking the engine over from a couple of dozen to 1.75!

In the case of hydraulic, the lifter manufacturer will supply a preload spec. If you have an adjustable valve train, you can easily adjust to this spec by counting the number of turns of the nut. With a 7/16" stud, each quarter turn is 0.0125"; with a 3/8" stud, each quarter turn is 0.0104". It's different for each lifter manufacturer, so check with them for their spec.

EXAMPLE: my Crane lifters want 0.020-0.060" preload. I hand tightened the nuts until zero lash (you can tell as the nut has some resistance). I then turned the nut 3 quarter turns to achieve 0.0375" reload, in the middle of the spec.

Hope this helps,