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Detailing Your 1971 429 CJ/SCJ Engine
(Mustang/Cougar Applications)

Section I - Supporting photos of original engine
Section II - Detailing Recommendations
Section III - Decals/Stamps/Markings/Tags
Section IV - How To Identify Coatings on Underhood Parts
Section V - Plating Sources and Coating Recommendations for Restoration

Note: The Detailing recommendations below were arrived at by reviewing original factory components used on the 1971 429 Mustang and Cougar. Where possible, supporting photos of an original, unrestored engine are also shown. These recommendations are not intended to align with MCA rules or any other published detailing recommendations, but to reflect as accurately as possible what is believed to be the original factory coatings, platings, decals, tags and markings based on our own observations and research. Keep in mind that these recommendations are based on a limited sample of engines and factory variations from what is shown is possible and likely. Thanks to Jerry Ostalecki, Dave Riley, Rich Pajzer, Fred Coyner, Art Richardson, Jimmy Bennick, Robert Myhrer, Johan Lindvall, Mitch Lewis and Dan Davis for their help and knowledge in constructing this page.

John Blair
429 Webmaster 11/24/03

Note: Click thumbnail photos to enlarge

Section I

Supporting Photos of Original 71 429 SCJ Mustang Engine
(Thanks to Fred Coyner for supplying these photos of his original, 22,000 mile engine)

Note: Exceptions from factory equipment in photos above: Battery/battery disconnect switch, radiator overflow bottle/hose/radiator cap, oil filter adaptor/lines/oil cooler, aftermarket tachometer wiring to ignition coil, burglar alarm siren, blue box and red wiring, air cleaner wingnut. Possibly temperature sensor on intake.

Note: Click thumbnail photos to enlarge

Section II
1971 429 Engine Detailing Recommendations
Engine Components Factory Finish
(based on evaluation of photos)
Supporting Photos of Original Components
(except as noted)
These components were all Blue
Engine block, heads, oil pan and fasteners, intake manifold and fasteners, top portion of choke stove and fasteners (SCJ), air cleaner housing, lid (on J code; C code lid chrome), snorkel, water pump and fasteners, front cover and fasteners, thermactor tubes, oil dipstick tube, timing pointer, thermostat housing and fasteners, exhaust manifold heat shield, engine lift hooks, heater bypass hose and clamps, heater hose attachment fittings
Ford Corporate Blue

Use either Plastikote Ford Blue #224 or Duplicolor DE1621

Reference photos of original engine above.
These components were all Black
Engine balancer, engine fan, crankshaft pulley, P/S pulley (or P/S Idler pulley), smog pump pulley, water pump pulley, P/S pump brackets (or P/S Idler brackets), smog pump adjustment arm, upper and lower alternator brackets, P/S pump, P/S cooler
All these items were semigloss black Reference photos of original engine above.
Accelerator Bracket Accelerator Bracket - cadmium (silver);

Attachment bolts to intake - zinc phosphate

throttlebracket429CJC6.jpg (64214 bytes)  throttlebracket429SCJ4speed.jpg (13229 bytes)

Accessory Drive Bracket Fasteners Phosphate & Oil coated

Air Cleaner Snorkel attachment screws Silver cadmium

Air Cleaner Wingnut Silver cadmium; Note dimple on edge to prevent wingnut from loosening up on air cleaner.

Air Cleaner Heat Riser Tube Clamp, Hose Clamp - zinc dichromate;

Hose - black paper

     snorkelpn.jpg (47286 bytes)

Air Cleaner Crankcase Filter and Components Fitting at air cleaner black plastic, 90 degree elbow with retaining clip coated phosphate and oil; black rubber hose with Autolite insignia and stripe; black plastic 90 degree elbow (bottom photo) inserted in rubber grommet on passenger side valve cover


Air Cleaner Actuator (Non Ram Air only) Actuator - Silver Cadmium

Actuator Bracket - Ford Blue

(Restored part shown in second photo, NOS actuator in bottom photos)


Air Conditioning Compressor (CJ only) Compressor - Semigloss black

Pulley and Coil - Silver Cadmium

Coil Fasteners - Zinc Dichromate

Bracket - Semigloss black

Bracket Fasteners - Phosphate and oil

Pulley Bolt - Zinc phosphate

Service Valves - Natural aluminum with brass caps

(restored example shown)

Alternator  Natural aluminum

Spacer - natural aluminum

Thru Housing Bolt - zinc dichromate

Adjustment Arm Bolt - phosphate and oil

(Restored example at bottom)


Alternator Brackets Upper and Lower Brackets - Semi Gloss Black

Bracket attachment bolts  - phosphate and oil

Alternator Fan/Pulley Pulley - zinc dichromate

Fan - zinc dichromate

Nut and Washer - zinc dichromate

Restored example at bottom



Belts  Ink stamped, Autolite (repro example with Autolite ink stamp shown in second photo)


Carburetor Holley on SCJ - Gold tone dye


Rochestor (restored example) on CJ - zinc dichromate


chokescj.jpg (54848 bytes)  

Carburetor Choke Lines/Mechanism On Holley; Hot air tube is white asbestos covered attached to carb with brass flare nut, return tube is bare steel connected to carb with short span of rubber hose

On Rochestor; zinc dichromate

Cadmium plated housing with temp sensitive coil

chokescj.jpg (54848 bytes)  qjchokesetup.jpg (221264 bytes)

chokeCJtype.jpg (26118 bytes) 

Carburetor Nuts/Studs (attachment to Intake Manifold) Studs - zinc phosphate

Nuts - silver cadmium typical. Zinc phosphate may be possible


chokescj.jpg (54848 bytes)  

Carburetor Stud (air cleaner attachment) Zinc phosphate (Shown are SCJ with Holley at top and CJ with Rochestor bottom)

   qjchokesetup.jpg (221264 bytes)

Carburetor Vacuum Fitting (Holley/SCJ) Brass

chokescj.jpg (54848 bytes)

Charcoal Canister Hose Hose - black paper

Fitting - Black plastic (blue maybe also - TBD), straight

Clamps  Double grip wire style for upper and lower radiator hose.

Witteck Tower clamps for heater hoses, bypass hoses and smog hoses. Band style clamps also also used on smog system in locations shown.


Coil Autolite, yellow top, black case


Coil Bracket  Bracket - zinc phosphate

Bolt for bracket to engine and bracket strap              - zinc phosphate

Strap Nut -  zinc chromate

Crankshaft Pulley  Pulley - Semigloss black

Pulley attachment bolts (middle) - Castle Head type bolts, zinc phosphate

(bottom is photo of restored pulley and bolts)




Distributor  Housing - Natural aluminum

Screws that attach vacuum advance - Zinc phosphate

Cap - Black plastic, "Autolite"

Distributor Hold Down  Hold Down - Natural cast iron

Bolt - phosphate and oil or silver cadmium

Original above, restored sample below.


Distributor Advance Bands and Advance Plug 

The wide band (11/16") for Manual Transmissions is gold zinc dichromate plating (at top). The narrow 9/16" ban for Automatic Transmissions is silver in appearance and is Zinc Chromate plated (bottom on restored engine).

Plug - Natural aluminum


Distributor Vacuum Control Valve (Ported Vacuum Switch or Electric Ported Vacuum Switch) Brass base with Ford Blue overspray


Engine Accessory Bracket Bolts  Phosphate and oil


Engine ID Tag  Natural aluminum

enginetag.jpg (77737 bytes)

Engine Lift Hooks  Ford Corporate Blue (restored sample shown below on engine)

    lifthookpassSide.jpg (76650 bytes)

Engine Mount Brackets  Brackets - Natural metal

Attachment Bolts - phosphate and oil

BlockMountInstalled8.jpg (57469 bytes) 

Engine Mount Insulators  Insulator -  Black rubber, with metal portions covered with thin layer of black rubber. Flat black paint would be a good simulation.

Attachment Nuts             - phosphate and oil



Engine Mount Frame Brackets Brackets - Natural metal

Thru-bolts - phosphate and oil

frame2.jpg (64075 bytes)

Exhaust Manifold Natural Cast Iron with Ford Blue overspray

Bolts - phosphate and oil.

Resto Tip
Natural Metal from factory but can be coated with a high temperature cast-coat finish to maintain natural color (as shown in lower photo) .

   lifthookpassSide.jpg (76650 bytes)

Exhaust Manifold Heat Shield  Shield - Ford Corporate Blue

Attachment studs and nuts - phosphate and oil

(restored shield shown at bottom)

     lifthookpassSide.jpg (76650 bytes)

Fan  Fan - Semi Gloss Black

Spacer - Natural aluminum

Attachment bolts               - phosphate and oil


Fuel Filter  Both Holley and Rochestor - zinc dichromate plated

Clamps - pinch type



Fuel Lines, Metal Natural, tin plated

Fuel Line Bracket (bolts under coil bolt)  Zinc Chromate (reproduction part)

fuelclipinstalledR.jpg (24656 bytes)

Fuel Line Hose  Black,  short hose from line to filter

Top - Holley on SCJ (sample shown probably similar to original but clamps in photo are newer worm type. Original was probably pinch type)

Bottom - Quadrajet on CJ

Clamps - Pinch type, cadmium plated as shown in two lower photos of originals.



Fuel Pump  Natural aluminum; Carter "X" Pump

Attachment bolts - silver cadmium

Clamps - Attachment of fuel line rubber hose to fuel pump. Note that original clamp is Cadmium plated with squared off ends and the repro is silver painted with round ends.



Ground Bolt Gold Cadmium

Harmonic Balancer  Semigloss Black; Ford Corporate Blue also possible

Balancer bolt - phosphate and oil (Top photo and middle photos are original components, bottom is restored engine)


Heat Riser Tube (Paper) Black

Heater Hose  Autolite stamping with yellow stripe

(reproduction hoses shown below)



Heater Hose Clamps  Witteck Tower clamps


Heater Bypass Hose Rubber hose and two tower clamps - all painted Ford Blue

Heater Hose Fitting on intake - Ford Blue


Idler Pulley #1 (used on CJ with A/C) Pulley - semigloss black, center of pulley zinc phosphate

Pulley Bracket - zinc phosphate

Idler Pulley #2 (used on CJ with A/C) Pulley - semigloss black, center of pulley zinc phosphate

Pulley Bracket - zinc phosphate

Idler (Power Steering Delete - used on both CJ and SCJ with P/S) Bracket and Pulley - Semigloss Black

Fasteners - phosphate and oil

Spacer - natural aluminum


Oil Dipstick Handle  Chrome

Oil Filler Cap  Satin chrome, rubber grommet with PCV installed


Oil Filter   Autolite used originally


Oil Pressure Sending Unit  Zinc chromate and black plastic housing

PCV Valve  Valve - Zinc phosphate

Grommet - Black rubber


  PCVcomparison2R.jpg (20966 bytes) 

Power Steering Bracket (Attaches to block) Bracket - Semi Gloss Black

Attachment fasteners - phosphate and oil

   psbracket.jpg (19963 bytes)

Power Steering Bracket (between pump and block bracket) Semi Gloss Black or Phosphate and Oil coating (repainted sample shown)

powersteeringpumpbracket1a.jpg (117694 bytes)

Power Steering Oil Cooler  Semi Gloss Black (original example top, restored example bottom). Top is for non A/C, bottom is for A/C applications.


Power Steering Pulley Semi Gloss Black 

PSpulley3.jpg (73131 bytes)

Power Steering Pump  Semi Gloss Black; HBA-CG Tag also painted black; dipstick was Zinc Chromate plated but often sprayed semi-gloss black over the plating; attachment nuts phosphate and oil (restored pump shown)

PSpulley.jpg (63942 bytes)    

Power Steering Spacer  Natural Aluminum (PS spacer shown at bottom is on restored engine)

Fastener - phosphate and oil


Radiator Hoses  Black rubber with Autolite stamp and part number in white. Thin red stripe present along length.


Radiator Hose Clamps  Double grip wire style for upper and lower radiator hose.


Smog Air Bypass Valve (Diverter Valve)  Gold Portion - gold anodized

Silver portion - natural aluminum


Smog Air Bypass Valve Bracket (shown in top photo bolted to left end of adjustment arm bracket) Brackets - Semigloss black

Attachment bolt - zinc phosphate

Bypass Valve Clamp - zinc dichromate


Smog Relief (anti-backfire) Valve 
Ford Corporate Blue
All three photos original parts.

Fasteners, Brackets to attach tube to heads and gaskets - Ford Blue on restored samples in bottom photo. These parts were attached to the SCJ engine during engine painting and were all Ford blue



Smog Pump  Natural aluminum, black cast iron

(restored pump with different pulley shown at bottom)


    p1smogfloor.jpg (53288 bytes) 

Smog Pump Adjustment Arm Arm - Semi Gloss Black

Adjustment bolt - zinc dichromate


Smog Pump Hose - Pump to Bypass (Diverter) Valve  Pump to Bypass Valve; Black with D0VE 9B466-A or D1VE-9B466-AA part number and Ford oval. D1VE had a stripe on the reverse side

Clamps are Witteck Tower type and band type



Smog Pump Hose - Bypass (Diverter) Valve to Anti Backfire Valve Bypass Valve to Anti Backfire Valve; black with white stripe, no part number

Clamps are Witteck Tower type and band type

Smog Pump Pulley  Pulley - Semi Gloss Black

Pulley attachment bolts - zinc phosphate (original bolt shown)


Smog Pump Spacer  Spacer - Natural aluminum

Attachment bolt - zinc dichromate


Spark Plug Wires  Autolite, Black; orange boots at sparkplug end


Spark Plug Wire Separator/Loom Black plastic, mounts to metal tab on each valve cover and second separator midway between distributor and valve cover mount


Starter  Black, with aluminum portion natural aluminum color (reproduction sample shown in lower two photos)

    starter4.jpg (47159 bytes)   starter3.jpg (48794 bytes)

Temperature Sender  Brass Base with Ford blue overspray possible on hex portion


Vacuum Fitting, Intake front Natural metal with significant Ford Blue overspray (restored example shown at bottom, not hooked up)


Vacuum Fitting, Intake rear  Natural metal with significant Ford Blue overspray (restored sample shown with original overspray still visible on vacuum ports)

Vacuum Lines  Black vacuum hose with colored stripes/MX as noted on Engine External page

Valve Covers  Natural Aluminum with small amount of Ford Blue overspray on the intake side of the lip.

A good match for the original soft satin finish on the valve covers is the Steel-Max pure stainless steel coating offered in a spray can. It is a 316L stainless pigment paint. The Paddock also has a "Steel-Max" type stainless coating. It is also 316L stainless pigment coating and is called Stainless Steel (part number 16-054). A good product to remove oxidation from valve covers is "Never Dull" .


Valve Cover Bolts  Cadmium plated


Valve Cover Plug Wire Separator Support Support Tab - Silver cadmium

Screws - silver cadmium



Water Pump Pulley  Semi Gloss Black


Wiring  Black plastic wrapping. Original engine and photos of restored engine with original harness.

Engine Wire Harness Retaining Clip - metal clip with black rubberized coating painted with Ford Blue overspray (note clip in photo at top left, midway along valve cover. Original clip shown in photo at bottom.


       vacuumTreeLocation2.jpg (82838 bytes)   


Section III
1. Paper Engine Tag
   This tag goes on the front facing edge of the passenger side valve cover. See this link  
    for details: 
Paper Engine Tag

                                                                        Enginetagcycle.jpg (21290 bytes)

2. Metal Engine ID Tag
    This aluminum tag bolts beneath the coil. Please see this link for details:
Metal Engine ID Tag

                                                                        enginetag.jpg (77737 bytes)


3. Engine "OK" Stamp
     The OK stamp is placed on the front facing edge of the driver's side valve cover.        
     An original is shown below left and a reproduction at right.

                                                       OKfredvalvecover.jpg (32053 bytes)           

4. Engine Chalk Markings
"B" - in white Markal marking crayon was placed on front of passenger side head.

bwmotor4.jpg (49116 bytes)        blockdate.jpg (41155 bytes)


5. Valve Cover Emissions Decal
The Valve Cover Emissions decal was placed on outer edge (towards front) of driver
    side valve cover.

emissionstickerlocation.jpg (13775 bytes)

Decal location

SCJ Decal

EmmisionDecal429CJ.jpg (65427 bytes)

CJ Decal


6. Air Cleaner Element Service Refill Decal
    This decal goes on outer edge of air cleaner at about 4:00 as viewed from the front.

           emissionstickerlocation.jpg (13775 bytes)  

7.  Snorkel Part Number
    The part number for the snorkel (D0GF-9D626-A) is stamped in white acrylic paint on
    the underside as shown. The photo at right shows a closeup with a scale in case you
    would like to make a stamp to reproduce this.

snorkelpn.jpg (47286 bytes)        

8. Air Cleaner Engine Displacement Decal
   - The 71 429 Mustang J Code (Ram Air) engine air cleaner did not come with a decal.
   - The best we can tell, the 71 429 Mustang C code (non-Ram Air) air cleaner did as shown.
   - The 71 429 Cougar J Code did come with a decal as shown.
   - The 71 429 Cougar C Code probably came with the same decal as the 71 Mustang C code, but we have
     not got confirmation on this yet.

fredcengfront.jpg (343900 bytes)

Mustang J Code - No Decal

Mustang C Code - Decal

Cougar J Code - Decal



Section IV
How to Identify Coating/Platings on Underhood Parts

Click this link to go to the page on Coating/Plating Identification: Identifying Coatings and Platings

Identifying the different types of coatings used on components can be a tricky job, especially since both Zinc and Cadmium plating were used in 1971. An engineer from the Ford Fastener Engineering Laboratory has provided some "Rules of Thumb" to use in identifying coatings and platings. These have been captured in the table below along with some photos of these different coatings.


Section V
Plating Sources and Coating Recommendations for Restoration
Plymouth Plating Works  (734) 453-1560
Silver and Gold Cadmium, Zinc Phosphate, Zinc Chromate, Phosphate & Oil, many others platings and coatings
Eastwood Company (800) 345-1178
This company provides products to simulate cadmium, zinc and zinc phosphate coatings. Click page to see products;


Ford Blue Paint -  Use either Plastikote Ford Blue #224 or Duplicolor DE1621
Semi Gloss Black - Use Krylon Semi Gloss #1613