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Cougar Instrument Cluster

The Cougar instrument Cluster featured a 4 Pod display with Speedometer, Temp Gage, Fuel Gage and Warning lights for brakes, oil pressure and alternator.  A seat belt reminder light operated on a timed circuit when the car was started. Note the bronze background and needle centers.  The dash board uses a black camera case finish.

Cougar GT Instrument Cluster

Note the Cougar GT option added a unique tachometer that was not available on a Cougar.  Also note the oil pressure warning light in the face of the tachometer.

Cougar GT -vs- Standard Instrument Cluster



Cougar XR7 Instrumentation

Cougar XR7 Center Gages

Cougar XR7 Metric Speedometer

Cougar Steering Wheels

cougarint2.jpg (102000 bytes)

Cougar two spoke wheel which came with the Standard Interior.

Deluxe two spoke wheel which came with the Decore Group Interior (shown with tilt wheel optional on all models)

Cougar GT Three Spoke Rim Blow with camera Case finish on wheel Pad.

Cougar XR7 Three Spoke with Rimblow wheel (shown with tilt wheel optional all models)

Cougar Roof Options

Hard Top

All hard top cougars featured the tunnel back window and extended sail panels of the Mustang coupe

 3/4 Vinyl Roof

Cougar XR7s came standard 3/4 vinyl roof.  (Shown with optional Power Sun roof) Colors were White, Black, Green, Blue, Ginger.

redcougar7.jpg (81955 bytes)

Full Vinyl Roof

This vinyl roof was optional on Cougar/Cougar GT/Cougar XR7 Models. Available Colors were White, Black, Green, Blue, Ginger. Note the Full vinyl roof became a required option when the power sun roof was ordered on all models.  (XR7 was a mid year introduction.)

Convertible Top

Both the cougar and Cougar XR7 were available as convertibles. The convertible top was power operated and available in black or white. Both featured a glass back window.


Consoles and Clocks

clock.jpg (101944 bytes) shifter1.jpg (26298 bytes)

Console Clock

(Note Cougars did not have an in-dash clock option)

console.jpg (72508 bytes)

Long Console

(Pictured in Avocado a 73 only Color)

shortconsole.jpg (50778 bytes)


shortconsoleInstalled.jpg (43785 bytes)\

Consolette with illuminated ashtray

Door Panels

White Standard (flat) Door Panel

Cougar Decore Group door panel


XR7 Door Panel


Ginger Decor Door Panel



Woodgrain Appliques

The photo below shows the XR7 woodgrain applique surrounding the gage pods, center steering wheel pad and steering wheel rim.

Wood Grain (around the clock) Console


This option is extremely rare and has been found on *very* early built 71 Mustangs (above left and center) - perhaps only from August 1970.  The picture above right, from part of an early 1971 Cougar XR7 ad, shows that the wood grain console was considered for the Cougar as well.  It is possible that since the cougar/mustang console are identical that some cars actually received this option.

The wood grain appliqué is applied to a special formed metal piece which is glued to the console. Soon after production started, the wood grain option was deleted and replaced with a black camera case finish, which is what is found on most 71 Cougar consoles around the clock. Note that any color console still had black around the clock, up to the ash tray.  For 73, the black only went up to and around the shifter, not the ash tray. Black camera case (grain) is used around the gauges of a Cougar/Cougar GT.

Cougar Decor Group
Standard on Cougar Convertible. Optional on Cougar/Cougar GT. The Cougar Decore Group included Comfort Weave vinyl seats and one piece molded door panels and armrests. 

c3.jpg (14590 bytes)


Cougar Decore Group - 72/73 style comfort weave




White with Black

Colors not shown:  Dark Red, Ginger, and Black.

Radio Blockoff Plate

radioblockoffplate.jpg (29242 bytes)

Radio Blockoff Plate

This is the blockoff plate used when a car was ordered with the Radio Delete option. 

Interior Lighting

domelight1.jpg (38911 bytes)


domelight2.jpg (37487 bytes)


domelight3.jpg (35793 bytes)


domelight4.jpg (41909 bytes)


Dome Light Lenses/Cougar/Cougar GT

There were two different dome lamps and two different lenses used in 1971, but they both looked the same on the outside (as shown at top left). Before 6/1/71, the dome light lens at left (part # C6OZ-13783-A) was used. After 6-1-71, the D1AZ-137831-B version was used. The newer design is a little wider and the clip design won't allow them to interchange. When buying a new lens, you need to get the correct one so that it will fit. The standard Cougar/Cougar GT domelight (and headliner) is shown installed below left while the Standard interior domelight, at right;


Below is the new Dome Light Housing used after 6/1/71. Note that it used the a tube style bulb instead of a regular bulb and was used in the pre 6-1-71 version.

DomeLighthousinglate71.jpg (46680 bytes)              

(Not used on Cougar XR7)  
XR7 Interior Lighting

Map Light (XR7 only)

Map Light (another view)

XR7 C-Pillar Reading/Courtesy Lights

XR7 Courtesy Lights

Brake Pedal Pads
There is a difference between the NOS replacement rubber disc brake pad and the original 71 pad disc. The lettering (in the photo above) on the replacement (left) is a little larger. The original disc (right) has a smaller lettered "Disc Brake".

Bright pedal trim - XR7 / Decore Group

BrakePad.jpg (28349 bytes)

There is a difference between the  replacement and the original 71 pad disc. The lettering (in the photo above) on the replacement (left) is a little larger. The original disc (right) has a smaller lettered "Disc Brake".



These 4 clips are for the door glass and quarter windows on Coupes and Fastbacks. Two are part number D1ZZ-6522204-A and two are part number D1ZZ-6522244-A. Photo at right shows clip locations on typical front Mustang window.


Switches, Controls, etc.

accontrolhead.jpg (24423 bytes)


Note that this is a 72 - 73 Control Head. Where this control says "Heat" - that made the air flow down to the floor. The 71 Control Head said "FLOOR" in this position


Driver side fresh air vent control

Non A/C

Note:  XR7 molding with chrome surround and camera case finish.


Passenger side fresh air vent control
Non A/C

Standard Cougar Conv Top switch (Switch and Knob to right of steering column)


XR7 Toggle Switches.  Note - the  Courtesy Switch operates under dash/rear courtesy lights. Center switch controls Map Light.  Right switch controls convertible top, on HT cars it is either a unused switch labeled "accessory", if optional rear defrost is ordered it is labeled as "deice" with 72-73 labeled defrost with jewel light above.

Running Cat emblem / Non A/C Car

Brake Release


Heater/Defrost Control non AC Car



71 Tilt Wheel

Glove Box - Locking all models


Cougar/Cougar GT Glove box                        


XR7 Glove Box - Note Badge, and assist handle

Other Interior Options

seatcatch.jpg (46410 bytes)      

Cars before 6/16/71 used a center catch lever on the backs of the front seats (top left photo), and after that date an outer side lever was used (top right photo). 

In the bulletin below, note how the Automatic Seat Back Release was not included in the Convenience Group before Jan. 71. This accounts for this feature's deletion on many 71 Invoices SeatBackDeletionInvoice.jpg (15125 bytes) .



Owner's Manual

Owner card

Check list





Passing/Braking Sheet


intermittentwiperrs.jpg (13520 bytes)

Intermittent Wipers

trunklight.jpg (71601 bytes)

Trunk Light / Standard all models

Power seat - optional all models

Cougar Interiors

Ginger Standard Interior


Ginger Standard Interior

Green Standard Interior

XR7 Red interior


XR7 Red interior

Green Standard Interior

hoodtach.jpg (131253 bytes)

Hood Tach (Dealer option)

seatbelt.jpg (94860 bytes)

71   Deluxe seat belts


Convertible Top Pump