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Mustang Interiors

The two code sheets below will help you identify the type of interior trim in your 1971 Mustang. The photos below show real life examples of most of these interior trims.


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Vermilion Knit Vinyl - 5E (Mach 1)



Green Knit Vinyl - 5R (Mach 1)


Green Vinyl - 1R (Standard Bucket)


White Vinyl - 1W (Standard Bucket)


White Knit Vinyl - 5W (Mach 1)



Ginger Knit Vinyl - 5F (Mach 1)

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 rearseat.jpg (174645 bytes)

Vermilion Cloth and Vinyl - 2E (Hardtop and Sportsroof), - BE (Boss)


Blue Cloth and Vinyl - 4B (Hardtop, Sportsroof, Boss)


    gingerinterior.jpg (40268 bytes)

Ginger Cloth and Vinyl - 2F (Hardtop, Sportsroof), - BF ( Boss)


Black Knit Vinyl - CA         (Convertible and Boss)




Black Vinyl - 1A (Standard Bucket)




Black Knit Vinyl - 5A (Mach 1)



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Blue Knit Vinyl - 5B (Mach 1)

RonV4.jpg (64209 bytes)   

Blue Vinyl - 1B (Standard Bucket)

InteriorRedStd.jpg (56657 bytes)

Vermilion Vinyl - 1E (Standard Bucket)




Ginger Cloth and Vinyl - 4F (Grande)