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Cougar Seats

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Standard Interior: Available in Cougar and Cougar GT Hardtops
The Standard Cougar Interior was available in 6 Colors;  Dark Red, Blue, Ginger, Dark Green, Black, White with Black accents!

cougarint3.jpg (97327 bytes)       cougarint1.jpg (73087 bytes)

Dark Red shown above


White Standard (flat) Door Panel

Black Standard

Green Standard


Ginger Standard


Blue Standard


Cougar Decor Group:
Standard on Cougar Convertible. Optional on Cougar/Cougar GT. The Cougar Decore Group included Comfort Weave vinyl seats and one piece molded door panels and armrests.





Cougar Decore Group (green) - Compare 72-73 upholstery pattern (left picture) to 71.


71 Dark Red Decore Group Interior


White with Black
(Note molded door panel)


Ginger Comfort Weave (above).



Upbeat Stripe Cloth Interior Optional on Cougar/Cougar GT Hardtops. Leather Delete Credit option XR7 HTs
This interior was offered as an option on Cougar and Cougar GT and also offered with a credit on XR7 Cougars when ordered instead of leather. In 1971/72 It was available in Dark Green, Blue, Black, Ginger. In 1973, it was available in Blue, Black, Ginger, Tan, and Avocado. Note the front floor mat carpet inserts matched the seats.

cougarblueseat.jpg (46299 bytes)

(Note matching carpeted floor mats)







Dark Green

 This original magazine ad shows the 4 Colors available.  (Note in 1973, Dark Green was changed to Avocado and Tan   was added.

XR7 Leather Interior
The Cougar XR7 Interior featured leather seating surfaces.  XR7 Emblems embossed in the front and rear seat backs,  The XR7 also sported unique one piece molded door panels.


redCougarInterior.jpg (62739 bytes)        c11.jpg (9398 bytes)

Ginger Interior

Blue Interior

White XR7 Interior


Black XR7 Interior



Dark Green XR7



Red XR7