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(Note: Click thumbnails to enlarge pictures.)


fuelpumpcompare1.jpg (54315 bytes)      

CJ/SCJ Fuel Pumps

Here is a simple way to tell the difference. The CJ Fuel Pump (left) has 3 Fittings - an inlet, outlet, and a return to the fuel tank. The SCJ Fuel Pump (right) only has 2 fittings - an inlet and an outlet. 


(photos above courtesy of Allen Cross)

The 429 CJ Fuel Pump

This original 429 CJ fuel pump has Carter part number 4907 stamped on it's flange.

What about the "X"??

The CJ pumps we have seen dated for the 1971 model year do not have an "X" cast in to the housing, however, we do have the photo below of a CJ pump with an "X", but since the date code is not visible, we can't substantiate it is from the 71 model year. At this time (based on the date coded photos above), we can say that some 71 429 CJ Mustang pumps came without the X on the housing. Since we have not yet  found a 71 model year dated CJ pump with the X, it cannot say for sure whether the 71 429 CJ Mustang came with one or not. If you think you may have one, please contact the webmaster with pix showing the X and date code.

fuelpump4.jpg (41414 bytes)     fuelpump1.jpg (54801 bytes)    flangenumber3.jpg (28056 bytes)

fuelpump3.jpg (51218 bytes)     fuelpump2.jpg (51272 bytes)     flangenumber2.jpg (33709 bytes)

The 429 SCJ Fuel Pump

The original 429 SCJ fuel pump has Carter part number 4842 stamped on it's flange. Based on the pumps  we have seen, we believe the original 1971 429 SCJ Mustang versions will  have a cast in "X" as shown in the photo at left.

CJfuelLines4.jpg (25434 bytes)   scjfuelline.jpg (29167 bytes)   SCJ fuel lineFenderA.jpg (28971 bytes)

Fuel Lines - Engine Compartment

The photo at left shows the two CJ fuel lines (inlet and fuel return) where they enter the engine compartment through the driver's side below the washer bottle. Both lines pass through a single grommet with two holes in it. The photo at center and right shows the SCJ fuel line arrangement which only has a single inlet line. Below left is the CJ pump installed showing the inlet, outlet, and a return to the fuel tank. Below right is the SCJ pump installed showing the inlet and outlet lines.


cjfueltank.jpg (65669 bytes)    scjfuellines.jpg (40456 bytes)

Fuel Lines - Fuel Tank

The photo at top left shows the CJ fuel tank sender with a 3/8" outlet line and 3/16" fuel return line. The photo at right shows a SCJ sender with only the 3/8" outlet line. 


fuelgaugesender.jpg (40477 bytes)  FuelsenderCJ.jpg (16862 bytes)

Fuel Sender

The 429 SCJ  Fuel Sender is shown at left. It was used on the 429 SCJ, 6 cylinder, 302, and 351. Note this sender used one nipple as shown above. The 429 CJ Fuel Sender (at right) had two nipples on it (the smaller being the fuel return line).

engine1.jpg (96367 bytes)     ACbracket7.jpg (62070 bytes)

Fuel Pump to Carb Line

The photo above left shows an installed view of the fuel pump to carb fuel line on an SCJ. The CJ version at right is similar, but attaches to a point at front center on the Quadrajet Carb instead of on the Driver's side of the SCJ Holley carb, so the bends are different near the intake. 

fuelclipinstalledR.jpg (24656 bytes)     fuellinebracket2.jpg (53744 bytes)

Fuel Line Bracket

The picture at left shows an installed view of a fuel line bracket/clip. The Ford MPC indicates71 429 CJ/SCJ Mustang and Cougar came with these clips which bolted under the coil bracket (however, we have never found one of these clips installed on an original car to date). This same clip design was shared with the Boss 429. The picture at right is a detailed close up of the clip.


charcoalcan.jpg (96328 bytes)     charcoalcanInstalled.jpg (55578 bytes)     engine bay JB SCJ.jpg (105216 bytes)      

Charcoal Canister

This is the charcoal canister. It was mounted in the engine compartment (rear of  passenger side as shown above) to the inner fender apron with a bracket. The inlet side (small fitting) hooked up to a tube from the fuel tank. The outlet side (larger tube) ran to a fitting on the air cleaner (with a filter element). When the engine was running, it served as a system to aspirate and burn excess gasoline fumes to prevent the fumes from escaping to the atmosphere. Additional photos of the canister and it's attachment bracket are shown below.

charcoalcanistert.jpg (68320 bytes)       charcoalcanisterbracket.jpg (14872 bytes)

 gascap3.jpg (53427 bytes)        gascap.jpg (35746 bytes)        

Gas Caps

The D1Z pop open gas cap above was used on all 1971 Mach 1s.  It incorporated a built in seal as shown by the red arrow at center. We believe the similar D2Z Pop Open cap, rear view shown below left (identical to D1Z, but no seal), was released to be used in conjunction with the screw on cap below right to help prevent fuel spillage during rear end collisions - this all in reaction to the Pinto gas tank issue.


The running horse cap (right) was used on the other (non-Mach 1) models of '71 Mustangs.

gascapStandard.jpg (29566 bytes)


fueltank1.jpg (39073 bytes)    fueltank2.jpg (52338 bytes)    fueltank3.jpg (48931 bytes)

Fuel Tank

An original 71 Mustang fuel tank is shown above. Note the insulation and the markings on it. Additional photos are of another original tank. For whatever reason, it appears that not all tanks came with insulation. The gas tank strap bolts and nuts and fuel filler neck also below. The bolts are a dark flat gray color, and the nuts are a lighter flat gray color. The nuts also have a splash of flat red dye thrown on them.


Reproduction Tank Available for 71 - 73 Mustang


USS Steel Stamping on Gas Tank

If you look closely at your 30+ year old original 71 gas tank, you *might* have the big black square United States Steel (USS) date/logo stamp underneath. US Steel made the rolls of sheet steel that the Big 3 tanks were stamped out from. They stamped their USS logo on these sheets, so maybe like every 8th or every 46th tank showed the logo...we don't know how many. Some stampings could have been at the top of the tank and some could have been at the bottom. Some people with GM, Dodge and Ford vehicles detail their cars adding/showing this logo in plain sight at the bottom. It's been shown in several Mustang magazines - that's how we found out about it. Some photos showing this marking are shown below. We are working on determining if this same stamp was used on some 71's, but if you choose to add it, it's your choice at
this time. If you want to add this logo, there is a stencil kit (shown below right) available at this link: Inline Tubes.




Dan Davis's 429 CJ Cougar in front of Shelby Headquarters

One of Kirt Fryer's 15 1971 Mustangs! Kirt's yellow 429 CJ Mach 1 is in the foreground.