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From what I have encountered, finding information and owners of 429 CJ/SCJ cars has become more available. Due in part to the registries, and the enthusiasts who own them. Over the years we have found the SCJ Mach1 in our family to be just as enjoyable as the day it was brought into our home. The 1971 Mach1 429 SCJ, 838J, 4 speed, ram air, J code machine belongs to my father, Kevin. It was purchased from the original owner's family 15 years ago. It is a Raven black, staggered shock, Holley equipped (original carb still with the car), multiple optioned car. It was purchased in NY. We have the original window sticker, build sheet, stamped key tags, service tag (warranty tag if i am not mistaken), drivetrain, etc. It has been a really long time since the car was brought to any car shows, or events, other than local cruise spots (which have been written up in multiple magazines for their attendance), and one very exclusive car show, in the last 10 years or so.

We love the car. I am 28, and learned how to drive stick shift on this car when i was 15 or so. Detroit locker, top loader...... it has been a great experience having this car in our family. Below are some pictures we took of the Mach1 a few years back. We enjoy the time we spend in it for every ounce it is worth. We adjust the valvetrain, adjust the carb, and fuel up with half of a tank of 111 Sunoco race fuel (leaded) and head out for a ride.

Thank you very much for your time, and research on these cars. My father and I have been doing our own research since the purchase of the car. I hope you enjoy the pictures, for what they are, of an unrestored 1971 mach1, that sat from the early 1980's until 1990 when it was purchased by our family.

Dan Kozak
(Kevin Kozak, Dan's father, is the owner of the car)

Note: Click thumbnails to enlarge pictures.