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Greg Wong's 429 CJ Grande

This is my recently purchased 71 Mustang Grande 429 Cobra Jet. It is in excellent condition with 59,955 original miles. The first time that I saw this car was in the early 1990's. At that time, it was owned by Lisa Guest of Pickering, Ontario. This car was featured in the December 1992 issue of  Mustang Monthly Magazine. The car was then sold to Donald Stuart of Orillia, Ontario in August of 1993. A few years later, he was talked into rebuilding the original engine and repainting the car by a "friend". This is one decision he really regrets to this day. In July of 1999, Parry Automotive rebuilt the engine and also installed an aftermarket camshaft. Donald never liked the way the engine ran after the rebuild. Same old story, too much cam, bad idle. He told me recently that the engine ran perfectly prior to the rebuild but was talked into rebuilding it anyway. His 'friend' also told him he could repaint the car to "better than original condition". If you seen the Mustang Monthly article you've probably noticed that the side stripes are not very straight. This was another reason to repaint the car. The original paint was in very good to excellent condition at the time of the repaint. As you can see, the stripes are installed straight, the paint is nice, but leaving the original paint on the car would have been a smarter move. In April of 2001, Don Stuart sold the car to Jack Savage of Ennismore, Ontario. Jack was looking for a "nice car" when a friend told him the Grande was for sale. Jack bought the "unique" Mustang from Don. It should be noted that Jack does not live and breath Mustangs like we do, he's into 40's - 50's pick-up trucks. His desire for such a vehicle in September 2002 made the Cobra Jet Grande available for sale. I bought the car the first day it appeared on the website 'Cars On Line'. As you can see from the factory invoice, the car is optioned well.

The car still has the original exhaust manifolds, intake manifold and Rochester carburetor. The original Autolite fan belts and radiator hoses were still on the car when I purchased the vehicle. I have since installed Marti reproduction radiator hoses, ignition wires and a NOS distributor cap. I have saved all the original parts. This car is a real buzz to drive. See you at the shows!

                                                     Greg Wong

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