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Hi John,

Now I have the time to send you the story and pix of my two 71 429 CJ-R's. I would be happy if you get a Special Topic in your great Megasite. I will send you a few email with the pix because I don't know how to send them in one email, sorry.
Thank you very much.
Greeting Rolf

71 429 CJ-R, Mach 1, VIN # 1 F 05 J 154.211, red       with C-6 Transmission 
71 429 CJ-R, Mach 1, VIN # 1 F 05 J 154.212, black    with C-6 Transmission
Hello 429 - friends

My name is Rolf Rickes and I live with my family in the southwest of Germany, near the U.S. Air Base  Ramstein / Landstuhl / Kaiserslautern.

Since I was young I dreamed of a U.S. car with a V-8 engine. In 1992 I bought a `63 Corvette, Split Window, 327 cui, 340 HP, 4-speed in Daytona Blue, internally and externally. I drove this beautiful coupe for 11 years until I was able to sell it for a good selling price.

In 2004, I bought my first Mustang. The black 429 CJ-R has never had a total restoration by it's former owners from Switzerland. It is quite original. The engine is a D0VE-A block and has the # 1F154212 and the Datecode 0 M 7 A stamped. The C-6 Transmission: PJC-G, 011187 and also with # 1 F 154212 stamped. Also, the rear axle is original. The Mach 1 was 111,000 kilometers (No mile) run. The inspection issue confirms this. A wonderful car.

In recent years, my wife Brigitte and I have attended many Mustang Club meetings in Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. The car runs fine and without problems. We are very enthusiastic.
In November 2007, I  bought a second 429 CJ-R from Switzerland. This red coupe has the VIN # 1F05J154211. This car has never been restored, but the substance is something worse. Some plates have to be re-wrapped, so my son Andy and I have to do a total restoration. The original 429 engine has definitely been scrapped by one of the two former owners from Switzerland . Here was a D1VE-engine. The automatic gearbox is original (Stamp 1F154211) and the rear axle is WFD-F2, 3L50. This red 429 had only two previous owners and is run 107,000 km .

My son Andy and I still have a lot of work to do on this Mach 1. But we are very happy that we have "Twins". (See Marti reports). Absolutely identical (except for the color). And with many options (3-spoke steering wheel, Power Windows, Tinted glass, fold-down seat, 8-track AM radio, etc.)

I have some pictures of my Cobra Jets attached. I hope you will enjoy them.

Many greetings from Germany

Rolf and Brigitte Rickes