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Brent Thorp's 429 CJ Grande

Hi John,
Finally I have some pics of the Grande. We have recently moved & with the work required on the house the Grande was put on the back burner. The car came to Australia during 2006 it came to a collector in Aus., who actually never drove it. It remained parked for about 18 months in his collection. He purchased the car from a US marine (who I constantly email) who bought it from a dealer in Clearwater Florida, it was traded by a guy from Phoenix Arizona on Pontiac Judge. The car was featured in "Ford Builder" June 2006 so I presume the restoration was performed around 2005. The car is  matching numbers & is in pristine condition & only gets driven in ideal conditions. It is on club registration, which is very restrictive in Queensland. (15km radius of the owners address or club events) otherwise its $1000 for general registration. I have a sales invoice & a deluxe Marti report. The car cost $3200US & was ordered with $2200US of factory accessories. Power Steering, front discs, air con, tilt steering, AM/FM radio Intermittent windshield wipers, tinted glass, tach, rear demister, lambeth cloth. An Aust.,1971 GT Falcon Phase 3 cost around $4000AUS & now sell for anything up to $800000.00AUS. My object after buying the car was to get every thing in working order. I have overhauled the brake system, the air conditioning, the steering box, radiator, thermostat, clock, complianced it to Australian safety with new retracting seat belts, child harness, headlights that dip left, indicators etc., If a vehicle is over 30 years old it can be used as left hand drive. Queensland is a warm to hot climate which made the 429 uncomfortable to drive in city conditions, it used to suffer from boiling to fuel evaporation which led to stopping in city traffic. I eventually had to add a thermo fan & auto trans cooler to make it drivable. This was after radiator reconditioning, adding race coolant, changing thermostats,& going through the embarrassment of pushing the vehicle off the road until it cooled down. Now all is forgiven, I have also moved out of the city of Brisbane. All improved drivable mods & changes are easily reversible there have been no changes to the car other than bolt ons (MSD Dizzy, Pertronix coil, thermo, auto trans cooler, Griffin radiator, K & N Extream air filter, Flowmaster exhaust, 2.25 stainless pipes, custom steering wheel) although I don't know how you cool a 429 with factory equipment. The C6 auto is very unlike my modern Prado unless I stop at an intersection it is happy to remain in top gear all day long, unless one gives it the right foot then the Jeckle & Hide attitude comes to the surface. I have grown to appreciate this vehicle for the condition it is in, the awesome 429, & its low mileage of 58K. I would love to know its complete history but that seems impossible to find with the disclosure laws of today. As far as I can research it is the only Coupe/429 in Australia.

Well John that's about it, please email me for any further info I hope you can use this as a feature on the Megasite.